Follow the instructions below

You are about to try our Hashtag Slide & Live Feed. . You'll get this instructions by email too.

  1. Access the app website

  2. Create your account

    Click on 'Start now' > 'Sign up now' and create your account. Confirm this step by clicking on the link sent to your email.

  3. Set up the hashtag

    Create a new event and select the 'Free plan'. Set up all attributes, including Instagam hashtag. You are going to asked to link your Instagram account.

  4. Try it out

    Under 'Actions' button, select 'Slideshow' and it starts running on trial mode. Get out of this mode to see everything working.

  5. Any question?

    We'll get in touch to know about your impressions, but if you have any doubt, talk to us.

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